Rudra Abhishekam on Centennial in October 9th 2017

Rudra Abhishekam on Centennial in October 9th 2017
09 Oct 2017 6:30 PM


Organized By : Hindu Temple and Cultural Center Of The Rockies Venue: 7201 S. Potomac St., Centennial, CO 80112 Telephone: 303-858-9927 Women, who keep fast on this day, are welcome to join in Karwachauth Pooja from 4 pm to 7 pm. Ganesh Pooja, Shiva and Parvati Pooja will be performed and Karvachauth story will be recited by the priest in different batches. Hindus believe that if married women fast on this day, it helps in prolonging the life of their husbands and also brings happiness in the family. Married women keep fast without food and water during the day and pray for the long life of their husband. After the sun sets, they wait for the moon to appear. After sighting and worshipping the moon, they take the first bite of food from their husband’s hand. This festival symbolizes the bond between husband and wife

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