Musical Dance Drama by Sapphire Creations

Musical Dance Drama by Sapphire Creations
13 Sep 2020 6:00 AM


sapphire Creations is Eastern India’s only experimental dance company striving to develop an organic, radical, dynamic, and alternative idiom of movement. Sapphire has been performing with a new idiom for the last 28 years across the world. Some countries visited are Malaysia, Spain, Israel, Czech Republic, UK, Singapore, Australia, Austria, Germany, Thailand, Italy, Bangladesh, Canada, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Poland, USA and India. This dance drama piece guests are like god starts with the chanting of the verse mentioned in the Taittiriya Upanishad along with the dramatic welcome sequence framed as a ritualistic ceremony. Then it takes audience to a journey through the enriching culture of Bharat. A collage of dances, music, percussions, instruments, visuals, costumes from East, West, South, and North of India would be presented. The piece would end with the spirit of the country coming alive as the Mother Goddess, Mother India welcoming all to her!

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